Semi-Automatic Machine Operator in Agro-Foods




Semi-Automatic Machine Operator in Agro-Foods


13$ to 15$ per hour, based on experience.


Day, from 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM or evening, from 3:30 PM to 11:30 PM (Monday to Friday)


Stable, long term.

City (Region)

Ville Saint-Laurent (Montréal)




-       At least 6 months of experience as a machine operator, including mechanical adjustments.

-       Have a certain understanding of machines without necessarily having experience in electro-mechanics.

-       Responsible and eager to learn.

-       Attention to detail.

-       Responsibility in quality control.



Our client is a company known for its multiculturalism and high level of appreciation for employees, and is looking for a machine operator. You’ll feel the roots of this family-based company that has been around for 2 generations!


In the field of printing food packaging, your next mission will bring you to one of the most modern organizations in North America in terms of printing, laminators and manufacturing machines.


Take advantage of this new wave and be part of this team!


Your main tasks consist of:

-       Frequently fill out a paper report for quality control;

-       Run production tests;

-       Any other tasks similar to the position.



Benefits of the position:

-       Available parking.

-       Easily accessible by public transportation.

-       Possibility of advancement to different positions.

-       Potential hire directly with the company



***Notice: Do not send your resume if you are already a registered member of Bedard Ressources Inc. Please contact the consultant in charge of the position to let him/her know of your interest for this position. Our services are free for all applicants. ***



Please send your curriculum vitae to Michael Tessier
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