Extras exclusive to Bedard Resources

Employee transportation service

Bedard Resources is the only agency to offer transportation for employees from home to workplace at times when public transit is not available.  Thanks to Bedard Resources, you can ensure you’ll never be short of staff for simply logistical reasons.

24-hour emergency placement service

You suddenly have to find someone to replace one of your employees… tonight? this weekend? very early the next morning? Use our 24-hour emergency placement service. If your company’s operations involve shift work and you become a Bedard Resources client, we will provide you with an emergency number that will enable you to get in touch with us should something unexpected happen.

Administrative and industrial temporary placement service

Bedard Resources specializes in temporary placements in the administrative and industrial sectors. It has a considerable bank of candidates to handle every need. Let us know about yours! We will take charge of everything related to hiring and paying the employees your company requires.

Bedard Resources is always there to provide you with support!

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